A three-day adventure to ignite passion for Balboa & Shag in your Swingin' Soul. Elite international and local teachers, remarkable Vilnius’ venues and the amazing dancers.

Wondering to visit Vilnius?
You are here probably because you’ve heard some great legends about Vilnius’ Swing Dance Scene.
Well here is a great reason for you to come here – Vilnius Balboa and Shag Rebirth 2016, April 8-10th.
We like to call it – SWING PARADISE 2016.

As you drive into Vilnius – the capital of Lithuania – the welcome sign has a hint for you – right underneath, it says “žemai skraidančių angelų miestas”, which translates to “the city of low-flying angels”. You can actually find little angels sitting or hanging around in the streets of Vilnius. Sometimes they dance too. Sounds heavenly? Well, Vilnius is the Swing Paradise.

Lithuanian Swing Dance scene have been bringing up new talents to the world for more than a decade already. Unfortunately, there are too few big events here to show the world how amazing and intense this small scene really is. On the other hand, that’s what makes it a true hidden gem, an unspoiled paradise – you don’t go there often, but when you do, you can’t forget it and you’re never the same afterwards. If you’re as into Balboa & Shag as we are, we invite you to the first Vilnius Balboa & Shag Rebirth.

Swing Paradise is a three-day Balboa & Shag workshop for both, beginners and experienced dancers. Well known international and local teachers, three nights of parties with hard swinging local bands and amazing dancers, held at beautiful venues at the heart of downtown Vilnius – Swing Paradise 2016 has got it all.


Ignition for your Swingin’ Souls


Balboa & Collegiate Shag

Bärbl & Marcus are one of the longest lasting international instructor couples in the Swing world. 2016 will mark the 25th anniversary of their dance partnership that started in Herräng in 1991. They both started with Boogie Woogie before. In 1992 they learned their first Balboa and Shag from Rob van Haaren and immediately kept spreading those dances, too.


Everyday leaders of Vilnius Swing Dance Scene

team image
Arnas & Egle
Collegiate Shag
For the past two years Arnas & Egle have been conquering the hearts of shagsters at Warsaw Collegiate Shag Festival, Rock That Swing Festival, Herräng Dance Camp and BCN SHAG Festival, dreaming to ignite and keep the passion for Shag in Vilnius as well.
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Martynas & Lina
Local Lindy Hop legend Martynas recently started a fresh partnership with the beautiful Lina to discover the essence of Balboa. They are training, teaching and spreading the joy of Balboa together since the summer of 2014 and are growing still tiny community of Balboa dancers in Lithuania.
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Rokas & Simona
St. Louis Shag
Rokas & Simona call themselves Swing Era dancers in general: both crazy about Lindy Hop, Simona is in love with Authentic Jazz, enjoys slow dance and Balboa, and Rokas is mad about Tap dance. Partnered up for St. Louis Shag, they taught the first class in March 2015 at “All Lithuanian Weekend” festival and since then they are infecting all others with their passion for this dance!
Prices & Registration

Evaluate Your Sins And Take Action


Full Pass

Balboa or Shag Track
Per Person

6 hours of classes

3 parties


Available spots in:
Balboa BI-I level
For couples or leaders



Balboa or Shag Track
Per Person

4 hours of classes

3 parties


Available spots in:
Shag and Balboa tracks
For couples or leaders only


Party Pass

All Swing
Per Person



& Sunday Parties


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