Ever wanted to visit Vilnius? If you found out about this website, you are here probably because you’ve heard some great legends about Vilnius’ Swing Dance Scene. Well here is another good reason for you to come here - Vilnius Balboa and Shag Rebirth in 8th - 10th April, 2016 or how we like to call it - SWING PARADISE 2016.


When you enter Vilnius, which is the capital of Lithuania, there is a welcome hint for you under the sign – “žemai skraidančių angelų miestas”, which literally means “the city of angels flying low”. You can actually find those little angels sitting or hanging around in the streets of Vilnius. Sometimes they are dancing too. Sounds like a paradise? Well, Vilnius is the Swing Paradise.


People around the world label Lithuanians as the new black in Lindy Hop for about a decade already. Unfortunately there are not many big public events for the world to see how amazing and intense this small scene is. On the other hand, there are not many occasions to visit paradise, but when you do it, you cannot forget it and you’re not the same after it. If you’re into Balboa & Shag as we are too, we invite you to the first Vilnius Balboa & Shag Rebirth.

Swing Paradise

Swing Paradise is a three days Balboa & Shag workshop with international and local teachers, three parties at the heart of Vilnius’ beautiful downtown with local bands and plenty of great local dancers. Let us take care of your dance sins!